Nathaniel Liebhart

Nathaniel Liebhart graduated from the Hastings Campus in 2018 with a degree in information technology and systems. His path to Central Community College was far from typical and included drug and alcohol addiction and even incarceration.

“I graduated from high school, went off to college and just kind of went out of control with the experience,” said Liebhart. “It ended up landing me two years in prison, during which I completed a drug treatment program.”

After prison, Liebhart entered a halfway house in Hastings and through relationships there and in Alcoholics Anonymous, he met Bob Glenn, the long-time Hastings Campus director of admissions who retired in 2018. “Bob Glenn was a huge part of me even getting back into college again,” said Liebhart.

However, Liebhart said his first semester at CCC-Hastings in 2013 didn’t go as well as it should have, and he ended up withdrawing from all of his courses. Liebhart did not return to CCC until 2016 and once again, Glenn played a key role in helping him not only re-enroll, but also qualify for financial aid. Eventually, he earned a scholarship through the Central Community College Foundation which really helped him complete his degree. Scholarship dollars aside, Liebhart appreciates how Glenn kept him accountable.

“Even though [Glenn] went and got some scholarships for me, he made sure that I contributed something to keep me invested,” said Liebhart. “I think that’s a big thing. You have to be invested in yourself, especially if people are going to invest their time in you.”

Shortly after graduating from CCC in December 2018, Liebhart began working for Hastings Irrigation Pipe Company and currently serves as the IT manager. He has since married and he and his wife are the parents of a one-year-old son. Liebhart also graduated from Bellevue University in December 2021.

“CCC, as compared to any other form of education I’ve had, is really community driven,” said Liebhart. “All aspects of my education at CCC were built around the relationships that I have in the community and also furthered more relationships. It’s a great way to get an education and also network within the community that you live.”